Car Motorcycle To Contend With Drift Challenge Duorenyanqiu

Nine morning, the thirty-second session of Tianma officially kicked off. Each group of motorcycle open and open to the completion of the qualifying. CUP ASR as one of the auxiliary events of the game, also took the lead in the completion of the qualifying and the two round of competition.

The first morning of Tianma Motorcycle is open, the first is the HONDA150CC (A+B) groups, the group of 33 contestants, using unified specifications CBF150 Mars entry. After 20 minutes of competition, the group won the pole position by the Shanghai 51 racing team number 15 driver Wu Jiqing 1:18.652, with the team number 51 driver Li Qikun with 0.141 of the gap second, Sundiro Honda dream team number 16 driver TAGUCHI KOSUKE third.

Then open the MINI group on the motorcycle, vehicle power Thailand ECD racing team rider Su Rong won the pole position in 91 to 1:19.887; No. 12 driver Li Fei with 2.860 of the gap row second, number 777 driver shentie dragon third.

In the HONDA group 300CC match, from power industry Thailand ECD racing team rider Su Rong No. 17 in 1:17.617 won the pole position, Shanghai 51 racing team rider Li Qikun won the 13, second, Sundiro Honda dream team number 9 driver Huang Jianfeng ranked third.

Motorcycle Open Super A+B group, Annapurna I No. 92 racing driver Zhang Weian to 1:06.582 CER-DUCATI HK won the pole position, the team's No. 62 driver Guan Yinghao narrowly 0.429 ranked second, Hangzhou racing team No. 27 harmonic excitation driver Zhou Fenglong third.

The motorcycle race is wonderful, the afternoon also not resigned to playing second fiddle. In the afternoon of the Tianma car open, the drivers performance is also very good. RV group A qualifying, Shanghai Guangtai smart team No. 16 driver Wang Xinze won the pole position to 1:17.975.

The RV B group by the MCM.SLC.PENRITE team number 47 driver Fang Kai 1:15.382 won the pole position.

The open group is FRT team with Chen Guanghui 1:13.409's fastest lap won the pole.

Later the car open in the C+D group, C group won the pole are from FRT's No. 28 card, the fastest lap of 1:16.665.

D group is from the MCM.SLC.PENRITE pole driver team No. 22 Huang dingli.

Because of the weather and sudden temperature today is slightly lower, the car, tire grip, consumption is different to the past. Bridgestone as the only official car tires, high performance tire RE-71R has brought good driving experience for car racers. In today's weather, the performance is still excellent. And Red Bull as Tianma only designated drinks, still set up Red Bull speed lap King awards in the car open, the award will be produced in the finals tomorrow.

As one of the highlights of the Tianma - "wild Pegasus" drift challenge undoubtedly become the most popular event. "Wild Pegasus" drift challenge combines interest and professional manner of competition, by setting up several different scoring points, the final comprehensive evaluation that the winners. The practice in the afternoon, the players through the actual understanding of the actual application of the game and the rules of the game, I believe that tomorrow's game will have a good performance. The event was held, committed to more love car sports young people involved, to be able to study in various fields of automotive sports