Can Tilt 50 Degrees, 28 Inches Of Travel, This Is The Strongest In The History Of Off-road Motorcycles!

We have previously introduced a lot of cattle forced transportation.

For example, TOYOTA's three jump son i-Road.

There are still hit the Motors C-1 Lit electric car.

Yes, today, the black prince will continue to give you the introduction of a cross country capability MAX cow force motorcycle.

This is designed by the foreign Wesll company launched the four round of the same name.

Don't watch it grow.

But it has a roller compacted all off road performance!

Not a word to a sand drift

Fast through the barrier body remains stable

Such a high side of the bridge there is no pressure

The slope is on

It's really tough! Word elder brother!

And the reason why there is such a strong off-road performance, is entirely dependent on the patented Wesll R & D system -

WST tilt suspension technology

This technology can minimize the impact of the driver's case, to achieve the maximum degree of freedom of the four round, the four round of the implementation of the road sensor and the driver to achieve real-time dynamic adjustment.

Allow the motorcycle to tilt 50 degrees in the case can still be stable running!

Even on the slope and bumpy road is not afraid to make the road to more complex some of it!

Even more exaggerated, it's a full independent suspension travel up to 28 inches, which is about 70 cm.

The desk is so high, a leg up on the go..

In addition, it also has a large displacement of 998cc! And also with turbo!

It's a combat vehicle in a motorcycle..

In addition to off-road motorcycles, Wesll also launched a motorcycle with the same suspension of the snow.

This is a motorcycle, it's a sled dog with an engine!

There is also a three wheeled motorcycle, this handsome a bit too much!

Wesll said the suspension system will be widely used in motor racing, personal transportation, military equipment and agricultural and mining tools in the future. The system is very safe, even if the failure occurs, it will not cross the operator to maximize protection of rights, the rider.